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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to questions about parking. Whether you are the owner of a parking space or a motorist - we will be happy to help you.


Who is Parkdepot?

We are a company from Munich and a specialist for digital parking management. We optimize commercial parking spaces with our technology. We analyze parking space utilization and detect, among other things, actual parking violations.

What is the ownership of the parking area?

By entering the parking lot managed by us, a parking space usage contract is concluded between the driver of the motor vehicle and ParkDepot GmbH. We are an external company and our authorization is given by the permission of the parking lot operator and the signage on site.

I have already paid the penalty, why have I received a payment reminder?

To verify receipt of payment, please send us your request with the file number via our ticket platform. Our accounting department will check your request immediately and contact you. If you have not transferred the total amount requested, you will also receive a reminder and then we will ask you to transfer the remaining amount.

How is a penalty different from a parking ticket in a public space?

The police are allowed to query data of parking violations in the public area, but not on private property. For this purpose, we have been commissioned by our client and are thus authorized to query the data of parking area users in the event of a parking violation on private property at the Federal Motor Transport Authority. There is no legal regulation concerning the amount of an appropriate contractual penalty in case of exceeding the maximum parking time that can be approved in private legal transactions. The amount of the contractual penalty can be found in the general terms and conditions on site.

I am the owner of the vehicle, but I did not drive it that day. What can I do?

As the owner of the vehicle, you have the secondary burden of proof as to who specifically came into consideration as the user in your place on the day in question. If you would like to provide us with other driver data, please do so via our ticket platform. There you can enter which driver (name and address) was responsible for the parking violation on that day. In this context, we draw your attention to the observance of your procedural duty of truth. We will forward the parking violation to the driver.

I sold my car and I am no longer the owner of the vehicle, what can I do?

You have sold your vehicle? Please log in to our ticket platform and then fill out our contact form. Tell us the first and last name, the street including house number and the postal code including city of the new owner. We will contact you immediately and, after checking the facts, forward the parking violation to the new holder. In principle, however, you bear the risk if the buyer commits parking violations with the vehicle still registered to you.

Can you grant me an extension of time?

We will be happy to accommodate you and extend the payment deadline, please send a message via our ticket platform mit Ihrem Aktenzeichen.

I have broken down in the parking lot and will probably exceed the maximum parking time. What can I do?

For further consideration of your concern, please send us a message via our ticket platform with the file number in the subject line as well as written proof of your breakdown showing the location, date and exact time.

Do you have proof that I was in the parking lot that day?

We will be happy to send you a proof, just send us a message with the file number via our ticket platform.

I had my parking disc out and still received a penalty. Why didn't I have a ticket on my window?

Our parking management is based on a digital recording of the license plate number at entry and exit, thus neither the display of a parking disc nor the deployment of inspectors is necessary.

Why do I receive a parking fine even though I am severely disabled?

Unfortunately, our system cannot record documents stored in the windshield. However, it is of particular concern to us that customers with a severe disability and their relatives can also do their shopping, for example, without time pressure. For this reason, we grant an additional goodwill period if the maximum parking time is exceeded. You can check how much this is and the possibility of checking your case for goodwill via our ticket platform.

How does the system work?

The parking spaces of our clients are equipped with license plate scanners, which photographically record the license plate number of the respective vehicle both when entering and leaving the parking space. This automatically determines the exact parking time of the vehicle, so that neither the display of a parking disc nor the deployment of inspectors is necessary.

Where do you position the license plate scanners?

Near the driveway, conditions vary from location to location. Our license plate scanners have a range of up to 100 m and can detect a width of about 12 m. Whether facade, roof, lamp post - we can do it all.

How are the locations marked?

There are signs with the terms and conditions and signs indicating that this is a customer parking lot with the corresponding maximum parking time. The signs are large and clearly visible at the entrances and in the parking area. Car owners agree to the terms and conditions by driving into the parking lot.

To what extent is the storage of a license plate number over a longer period of time compliant with data protection law?

Our system is based on the principles of the GDPR and the nationally applicable provisions of data protection law. It is regularly audited and certified by DEKRA with regard to implementation and compliance with data protection requirements. Personal data can be stored until the purpose for which it was collected has been fulfilled, which is why the license plates of parking transactions that comply with the rules are automatically deleted immediately after evaluation (within 48 hours at the most). However, if there is a violation of the terms and conditions of the contract and setting, the data will be stored by us until the matter is resolved.

Does your video surveillance not violate data protection?

The technology we use is not video surveillance, but merely license plate recognition based on video technology. Only still images of incoming and outgoing license plates are displayed and collected, processed and stored in accordance with applicable data protection law.

Why are people or other vehicles partially visible in your evidence pictures?

It is impossible to avoid the possibility that people located on the private area will enter the license plate scanning area. Our scanners use the preset blurry filter to ensure that any image of a person cannot be detected from the outset. When license plate scanners are used on private property, it is sufficient for the data protection requirements that parts of the vehicle that are not required are automatically unrecognizable. We fully comply with this circumstance.

Do you have evidence of the accident/theft in the monitored parking lot?

Unfortunately not, because our camera system is not a video surveillance in the conventional sense, but only a still image of the license plate incl. front or rear part of the vehicle (incl. time stamp) is made, which is immediately deleted when the maximum parking time is observed. Apart from the entry and exit of the vehicles, our system does not record any incidents in the respective parking lot. Therefore, we cannot help you with information on possible accidents or the like.

Who do I need to contact if I am an employee or service provider?

Please contact our client (e.g. the supermarket where you worked) so that they can deal with your case directly. To check the current status of your case, please log in to our Ticket Plattform. If the status is "cancelled", then you can consider the case as closed. If your case is still "open", please contact our client again.

What should I do if I have exceeded the maximum parking time during my charging process?

Unfortunately, you have not complied with the regulations posted on site (sending in a charge slip within 24 hours to or adhering to the maximum parking time) and have therefore received a penalty. To have your request checked for a possible goodwill, send us a proof via our ticket platform.