Do You Have Questions?

Here you will find answers to all kinds of questions about parking. Regardless of whether you are an owner of a parking space or a car driver - we are happy to help you.


What does Parkdepot do?

We digitize parking spaces. We are a company from Munich and specialist for digital parking management. We optimize commercial parking areas with our technology. We analyze parking space utilization and detect, among other things, actual parking violations.

What are the advantages of Parkdepot?

We only record actual parking violations, so customers who simply forget their parking disc are not recorded. Our data analyses provide you with an insight into the parking processes of your customers, utilization and basically an unprecedented transparency. In addition, you can release your parking spaces for rental with our system, increase your turnover and retain your customers.

I have already paid the contractual penalty, why have I received a payment reminder?

To verify receipt of payment, please send us an email with the case number via our contact form. Our accounting department will check your request immediately and contact you. If you have not transferred the required total amounttransferred, you will also receive a reminder and then we will ask you to transfer the remaining amount.

Can you grant me an extension of time?

We will be happy to accommodate you and extend the payment deadline. To do so, please send us a message via our contact form with your case ID.

I have broken down in the parking lot and will probably exceed the Maximum parking time. What can I do?

For further consideration of your request, contact us via our contact form with the case ID as well as written proof of your breakdown showing the location, date and exact time.

Do you have proof that I was in the parking lot that day?

We will be happy to send you the evidence photos, just send us an email with the case ID in the subject line to contact form.

Who do I need to contact if I am an employee or service provider?

In this case, please contact our client (parking operator).

How does the system work?

Our customers' parking spaces are equipped with a camera system that captures photographs of the license plate of each vehicle as it enters and leaves the parking area. license plate of the respective vehicle both when entering and leaving the parking area. This automatically determines the exact parking time of the vehicle, so there is no need to display a parking display of a parking disc nor the deployment of inspectors is necessary.

Where do you position the cameras?

Near the driveway, conditions vary from location to location. Our license plate scanners have a range of up to 100 m and can detect a width of about 12 m. Facade, roof, lamp post - we can do it all.

How are the parking lots marked?

There are signs with the terms and conditions and signs indicating that this is a customer parking lot with the corresponding maximum parking time. The signs are large and clearly visible at the entrances and in the parking area. Car owners agree to the terms and conditions by driving into the parking lot.

To what extent is the storage of a license plate number over a longer period of time compliant with data protection law?

Our system is based on the principles of the GDPR and the nationally applicable provisions of data protection law. It is regularly audited and certified by DEKRA with regard to implementation and compliance with data protection requirements. Personal data can be stored until the purpose for which it was collected has been fulfilled, which is why the license plates of parking transactions that comply with the rules are automatically deleted immediately after evaluation (within 48 hours at the most). However, if there is a violation of the terms and conditions of the contract and setting, the data will be stored by us until the matter is resolved.

Doesn't your video surveillance violate data protection?

The technology we use is not video surveillance, but merely license plate recognition based on video technology. Only still images of incoming and outgoing license plates are displayed and collected, processed and stored in accordance with applicable data protection law.

Do you have evidence of the accident/theft in the monitored parking lot?

Unfortunately not, because our camera system is not a video surveillance in the conventional sense, but only a still image of the license plate including the front and rear of the vehicle (incl. time stamp) is taken. of the license plate incl. front or rear part of the vehicle (incl. time stamp) is taken, which is deleted immediately after the maximum parking time has been deleted. Apart from the entry and exit of the vehicles, our system does not record any incidents in the respective parking lot. With information to accidents or similar, we can therefore unfortunately not be of assistance.

What are the advantages of the rental concept?

Additional revenue potential outside the actual core business, additional sales in the core business, as parking lot tenants are also very likely to shop in the store if the vehicle is already there and, in addition, stores have no coordination effort - we take over marketing measures and also provide customer support.

You have more questions about data privacy?

Feel free to contact us directly. Send us an email to