You take care of your business. We take care of your parking lot.

Parkdepot is the digital solution for your parking lot: Using the latest license plate recognition technology, we offer an uncomplicated and cost-effective alternative to barrier systems - and avoid third-party parking.

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How you and your customers benefit from our solutions

Full service partner for your parking space

We support you with the site concept, put the parking system into operation, organize a smooth introduction and support you operationally right up to your appearance as a parking lot operator. With us, everything comes from a single source.

Customer friendly parking experience

Barrier- and ticketless parking, no waiting times, modern payment methods - transparent & fair. Our solutions give your customers flexibility and ensure their satisfaction.

Future-proof technology

Coordinated hardware and software with advanced computer vision and AI technology. We continue to develop our system while it is in use at your site. Maintenance is hardly necessary. With us you are always up to date!

Choose your solution

Our offer includes two products:
Carpay for paid parking. Supervision for unpaid parking.


Paid parking

Our holistic technology enables customers to enjoy a barrier- and ticket-free parking experience as well as the option of flexible payment. We ensure smooth processes - for your company and for your customers.

Shopping without ticket loss or barrier failure
Minimal costs and maintenance intensity
Extensive services in ongoing operation

Unpaid parking

Our scanners capture license plate numbers on entry and exit. Unreasonable parking is identified and non-customers are filtered out. Valuable parking space is thus exclusively available to your customers, even at peak times.

24/7 license plate recognition on entry and exit
Automated determination of parking time without parking disc
Identify non-customers & free parking spaces for your customers

Über 1.000.000 korrekt erfasste Parkvorgänge pro Tag.

Klingt beeindruckend, ist es auch! Als einer der führenden Anbieter für digitale Parklösungen vertrauen uns Kunden europaweit bereits über 1.000 Parkplätze an. Von Lebensmitteleinzelhändlern, Immobiliengesellschaften, Einkaufszentren und Hotels bis zu Kliniken. Von unseren Lösungen profitieren alle Parkflächen – egal wie groß oder klein. Bald auch Ihre?

Über 450 zufriedene Kunden in ganz Europa vertrauen Parkdepot

Falk W. Paschmann, EDEKA Paschmann

So einfach und doch so clever!

Fremdparken ist seit Parkdepot Geschichte! Das junge Unternehmen hat für uns eine maßgeschneiderte und faire Lösung ausgearbeitet.

Sascha Meyer, REWE Meyer

Alles funktioniert ohne Probleme...

Ich freue mich jeden Tag, dass ich mich für das System von Parkdepot entschieden habe. Es klappt alles ohne Probleme, ich muss mich um nichts kümmern und meine Parkplätze sind endlich wieder für meine Kunden da.

Steffen Vietz, REWE Vietz Frischemarkt

Die Bedienung ist super easy.

Ich würde Parkdepot sofort weiterempfehlen – das System läuft in meinem Alltag unauffällig nebenher. Durch Parkdepot haben wir die Möglichkeit, unseren Kunden in Form von genügend freiem Parkraum gerecht zu werden.

Kathrin Tröger, EDEKA Siemensstraße (Berlin)

Wir sind sehr zufrieden.

Es soll gewährleistet werden, dass jeder Kunde einen Parkplatz hat und das hier keine Dauerparker sind. Das wird mit Ihrem System wunderbar erreicht, ohne Unmut beim Kunden zu schaffen. Damit sind wir sehr zufrieden.

Katharina Nowak, EDEKA Nowak

Kunden loben die Situation auf dem Parkplatz ...

Parkdepot ist die beste und fairste Lösung für Parkraumüberwachung, weil das System keine Zweifel zulässt. Unsere Kunden haben die Situation auf dem Parkplatz schon gelobt und freuen sich, dass sie jetzt immer einen Parkplatz bekommen.

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Frequently asked questions

You can find more frequently asked questions here.

Is the system suitable for our parking area?

We have individual solutions for almost any parking area. Whether it's the supermarket parking lot or an airport - our modular system can be used for all applications.

How does the system work?

Our customers' parking spaces are equipped with a camera system, which photographically records the license plate number of the respective vehicle both when it enters and when it leaves the parking space. This automatically determines the exact parking time of the vehicle, so that neither the display of a parking disc nor the deployment of inspectors is necessary.

I have already paid the penalty, why have I received a payment reminder?

To verify receipt of payment, please send us your request with the file number via our ticket platform. Our accounting department will check your request immediately and contact you. If you have not transferred the total amount requested, you will also receive a reminder and then we will ask you to transfer the remaining amount.

Is the system DSGVO compliant?

The system builds on the basic data protection regulation. Data collection is appropriate to the purpose and limited to the necessary extent (data minimization according to Art. 5 DSGVO).

Does video surveillance take place?

The system captures still images of vehicles with license plates (incl. time stamp). There is no ongoing video surveillance by storing video footage and no recording of audio tracks.