Your digital solution for paid parking

Barrier-free parking combined with a modern pay station: We enable a smooth flow through your parking area - and a pleasant parking experience for your customers.

How you and your customers benefit
from Carpay

Barrier-free parking experience

Long lines? Lost tickets? You won't find that with us. Your customers simply drive into the parking area, find a spot - and drive out again at the end. For a pleasant parking experience. And for more throughput in your area.

Minimal maintenance, minimal costs

No barriers to install and therefore no time-consuming and costly maintenance. With our solutions, you are not only on the cutting edge of technology - we are also significantly cheaper than conventional parking systems.

Full service partner for your parking space

We are the system manufacturer, support you with the site concept, put the parking system into operation, organize a smooth introduction and support you operationally up to the appearance as a parking area operator.

All-round carefree - that's why Carpay makes the difference

We are rethinking parking - and thus also parking services. As a full-service partner, we offer you reliable and customized support. That makes us unique. We always take a close look at the needs of your company and those of your customers. That's why different teams take care of all the necessary areas. We cover all communication channels. And you can concentrate on your core business with a clear conscience.

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Convince yourself of our references and case studies

Parkdepot is a reliable partner with over 1,000 managed parking spaces.

Real Estate

As a specialist in digital parking management, many real estate companies in Europe already trust us. Our system efficiently reduces third-party use of your parking space, keeping it free for your tenants' customers.


Using our solution increases parking capacity for your clientele and ensures a stress-free parking process. This leads to increased customer satisfaction even before they have entered the bank branch.

Further advantages of our

Modern cash register machine

As soon as the customer wants to drive out again, he selects his license plate number at the modern automatic pay station. It doesn't matter how they pay. Our payment options are flexible: cash, EC card, credit card or Apple Pay, for example. Those in a hurry can use the QR code and simply pay up to 24 hours later.

Communication with the customer

To ensure that the customer understands the system straight away, we provide support during the introduction phase and install signs with brief explanations. A monitor shows the customer on exit whether he has paid. We take away your customers' fear of the new system.

Our Parkdepot platform

As a parking operator, you have access to our Parkdepot platform, which gives you an overview of the activities in your parking area. With just a few clicks, you can also select which cars are allowed to use your parking space free of charge at any time - your employees, for example.

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Frequently asked questions

You can find more frequently asked questions here.

Is the system suitable for our parking area?

We have individual solutions for almost any parking area. Whether it's the supermarket parking lot or an airport - our modular system can be used for all applications.

Is the system DSGVO compliant?

The system builds on the basic data protection regulation. Data collection is appropriate to the purpose and limited to the necessary extent (data minimization according to Art. 5 DSGVO).

Does video surveillance take place?

The system captures still images of vehicles with license plates (incl. time stamp). There is no ongoing video surveillance by storing video footage and no recording of audio tracks.