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Our Mission

We proactively face the legal world, trying to detect, enable and shape frameworks from which ParkDepot benefits most from. By supporting and advising our teams as well as setting standards in-house, we assure legal compliance - both internally and externally.

About the team

We are a highly motivated and passionate team, always driven to seek legally compliant yet creative ways to enhance ParkDepot’s “tomorrow”. Together we tackle past, present and upcoming legal challenges. In doing so, we put special emphasis on the exchange among each other as well as mutual trust and reliability.

Our Values


We trust each other and we are in this together.


We build great products and we delight our customers at every moment.


We are here to win and we aim high to keep pushing ourselves.

We’re not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.
Nicola - Customer Success
Being Bold at Parkdepot means to take calculated risk and having no fear of failing and growing while accomplishing new projects or ways of doing something. Always staying within your boundaries is not an option.
Phillip - Product
Striving for Excellence means thinking two steps ahead and beyond our area of responsibility in everything we do. Taking full ownership for our task, acting like it is our company and showing initiative is strongly valued at Parkdepot.
Vincent - Growth & Expansion

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